Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Public Statement on Robert Jackson's Re-election

I would first like to congratulate Robert Jackson on completing the Ing New York City Marathon. Mr. Jackson not only completed the marathon he completed it in outstanding time for someone his age, even better than many people his junior by 20 or 30 years. This is also Councilman Jackson's third marathon and it took place on an election year, which for him made marathon training extra challenging.

Secondly, I congratulate Councilman Jackson on his re-election to city council for a third term. Although the councilman and I disagreed on the extension of term limits issue, meaning, he felt he had a right to vote for extending term limits from 2 terms to 3 terms as a member of the city council and I felt that such change in the law was unethical because term limits were created by the voters through a referendum and was addressed twice by the New York City electorate therefore any change regarding term limits should have come by way of a referendum, voters in the 7th District had an opportunity to let Mr. Jackson know how they felt about term limits. The voters have spoken and re-elected Mr. Jackson despite any term limit issue.

Councilman Jackson and I have had other differences in the past on several issues, e.g., the Columbia Expansion Plan, the 125th Street Rezoning and matters pertaining to Charter Schools. These issues were before the voters too before they voted, and again, they decided to re-elect Mr. Jackson.

I am a believer in majority rule, and the majority of the voters have decided they would be better off having Mr. Jackson continue to represent them in the city council rather than me. I accept and respect that decision.

I would like to believe that Councilman Jackson wants the best for his constituents. I know I do. The Councilman knows that the people come first and he knows that with me it has always been about the people. I will continue to be a servant to the community and be supportive to Mr. Jackson in his efforts in serving the 7th District. There will be times that we will disagree and even clash. This is how our democracy works and I believe that both of us respect that. But there will be times that I will pick up the sword on behalf of my brother and fight along his side or continue his fight if he falls.

As for me, I have not made any decision regarding my political future. I will take it day by day and decide at some reasonable point in time. I will continue to be a voice for the voiceless and not use my voice when I should be silent.

Lastly, I would like to deeply thank my campaign team that helped make my candidacy for a New York City Council run possible: Jean Blount my Field Coordinator; Denise Saddler my Public Relations and Media Coordinator; Ancel Bowlin my internet technician; Honory Santos my bilingual mediator; Gabrielle Everett my campaign materials specialist; Jose Serrano my high school intern; Saran Beaumont, Lamumba Grant, Francine Brown, Francine from Queens, Tina Robinson all a part of my street petitioning team; Sarina Watson my treasurer and special thanks to Dr. Debora Williams, Edward Davila, Floridita, Floridita Tapas, Daryl Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Barnes of Mobays, James Gray, Russell Paterson, Stewart Bascombe and Leroy Burgess of Black Ivory, C-Note, Ashlie Luckett, Simplicity, Jeff Lucus, Jackie Amos, Craig Schley and the many people who helped in some kind of way, whether it was moral support, a kind word, donation, etc.

Thank you,

Julius Tajiddin
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