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A Voice That Is Heard...

...A Voice That is Needed
A Voice That is Now

Bio (Short)

Julius Tajiddin has been a major Voice for Harlem where he's lived for the last several years. His active work as a community advocate, while raising a daughter no less, can be said to be nothing less than phenomenal.

A man of true reform, Tajiddin has helped to empower his community, some would say, in the same way that President Barack Obama has inspired a nation. Ironically, it was Tajiddin who orchestrated President Obama's historical visit to Harlem at the World Famous Apollo Theater on November 29, 2007.

In local government Tajiddin served on Community Board 10’s Land Use, Housing, Education and Libraries and Land Marks Committees and the 125th Street Rezoning Resolution Sub-Committee. He also served on Community Board 9’s Community Benefits Agreement Steering Committee dealing with the Columbia Expansion Plan. Tajiddin also serves on the Borough President’s Historic Preservation Task Force, representing the historic interests of the Harlem Community.
But make no mistake about it. Tajiddin's efforts go even beyond Harlem's boundaries.
Examples of Tajiddin's reach:
  • Largely responsible for preventing Ebay from auctioning off important Malcolm X documents that are now back in The Shabazz family's possession and are presently on display at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture.
  • Influenced the Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR) to change its policy on preferential rents, which previously allowed landlords to break preferrential lease agreements that held landlords to continue charging such tenants less than the legal rent. The policy is now congruous to the Constitution and preferrential rents that were set for the life of a tenancy or any agreed upon term between the landlord and tenant shall remain in full force and effect.
  • Advocated for and was successful for getting each public school in NYC the right to determine its own cell phone ban regulation instead of a uniformed Department of Education ban on cell phones.
  • Believing that Inclusionary Housing did not adequately address the housing needs of an individual community, Tajiddin and two other Harlemites created the term Income Targeted Housing - the push for development of housing in a community that targets the income brackets of households that are living within such community. The concept of Income Targeted Housing is now used nationwide.
  • Wrote an addendum tonew York City Council's Stimulus Package and contributed to the Upper Manhattan Economic Summit white paper - a report to follow up and set guidelines to realize the summit’s ideas for recharging local economies through their own stimulus innovations.

When one thinks of prominent role players in the opposition of the 125th Street Rezoning and Columbia Expansion Plan, Tajiddin is one of the first names that come to mind. Community Board 10's resolution opposing the rezoning bears his handprint. In fact there is not one area of importance in New York City that hasn't been influenced by Tajiddin.

On November 3rd 2009 - put Julius Tajiddin in City Hall and SEE what happens.

The Tajiddin Handprint of the Future

Will bring about through Legislation and his influence

  1. will produce jobs in City Council District 7 and support the growth of small businesses;

  2. Protect street vendors' rights;

  3. Stop illegal construction in our community;

  4. Foster better community and police relations;

  5. Support arts and cultures;

  6. Make public schools better and bring back music, arts, childcare and after school programs;

  7. Reverse the 125th Rezoning to a zoning acceptable to the Harlem Community and federal law;

  8. See to it that Harlem, Washington Heights and other District 7 Communities' Historic Resources get Landmark status;

  9. Protect and create new recreational resources throughout Harlem and the 7th District;

  10. Protect senior citizens' rights, properties and aggressively fight to reclaim properties fraudulently taken away;

  11. Create more and better low income housing;

  12. Support and push for community self determination;

  13. Bring in new ideas that will reduce crime and gang violence.

The Tajiddin Platform

One might think that these are a bunch of promises that will never be fulfilled by a politician. Think again. The Tajiddin Handprint of the present shows that some of these promises have already been accomplished and will be maintained or are now in progress.

See The Tajiddin Handprint page

The record is clear. Tajiddin has created hope and already empowered community.
And that's what Tajiddin's main platform is all about - Empowering the people.

By empowering the people joblessness, homelessness and crimes, as an example can be greatly reduced. When people become empowered jobs can be created, criminal behavior does not thrive and homelessness would barely exist if at all.

Vote November 3rd to continue Preserving the Legacy of Community.

Elect Julius Tajiddin for New York City Council - District 7 - 2009
On The Party line Freedom, Justice and Equality (abbrev. Free, Just and Equal)

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Videos of City Council Candidate in Action

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(Julius discussing Section 8 and NYCHA)

(Education credentials and personal background on The Tajiddin Handprint page)

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