Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What Makes Julius Tajiddin Tick

What makes me tick like a time bomb ready to go off is when I see my people (The Black Man and Woman living in the Wilderness of North America, aka, The Lost Tribe of Shabazz) being mistreated.

I then explode and go into full drive to stop or undo the injustice. I know many times people know not what they do. Therefore I don't play the blame game on either side - this is what's really the core of my spirit and truth. I search for solutions.

Folks better watch out about even attempting to play that game with me because I will put a history lesson on them so bad... Often times people get caught out there. Now all of a sudden I'm a bad guy because they tried to play me stupid and became the sucker. The lesson? Never read a book by its cover. However, there are exceptions. Like when I was out there with my folks circulating nominating petitions for my candidacy. Sometimes they went after people who looked like they just came into this country. And guess what? They just came into this country.

These petition circulators are such experts now, if anyone needs their services it will be well worth the money.

Lastly, I guess people want to know who I think they should pick for this election year to try and get us out of this mess. Well it's a no brainer, Bloomberg must go and many of the city council presently seated. He corrupted them so. Have you heard this quote before? "Unless those days be shortened even the very elect shall perish." Well that's why term limits, two terms - more than half of a generation (or a little more than half depending how you perceive a generation) is more than enough. Power corrupts. And "power concedes nothing without a demand." Federick Douglass.

The city has gotten in this mess because the elected officials, like every where else, played to the money and not the people. That's what Obama was talking about. Our country is the way it is because of a certain kind of thinking. So hell yeah! Blame everything on them. Out of text zoning. Over development. Housing market crash. Gang violence. Everything! They don't know what they're doing. Most of them ...at this time.

So here are my picks: Tony Avella for Mayor of New York City; John Lui for its Comptroller (although I do like Councilman David Weprin too); I'm a little split between Bill Del Blasio and Norman Siegel for Public Advocate; Richard Aborn for Manhattan District Attorney without a doubt; Carlton "Chucky" Berkley for New York City Council 9th District - this is a must; Calvin Solomon for New York City Council District 8; Manny Velazquez for New York City Council 10th District (although after having an indepth conversation with Luis Facundo - this man is progressive - I might go all out for him); Andy King for New York City Council 12th District; I'm split between Mark Winston Griffith and Tremaine Wright for New York City Council 36th District; me of course for New York City Council 7th District (November General Election) and Obama for President. Yeah I orchestrated his historical visit to the World Famous Apollo Theater November 29, 2007. Yeah I get full credit for that I must admit.

That's all for now. Check back to see my qualifications on why I think I need to be District 7's next city councilman. Also I'll go further into why these other candidates are good sound choices. It's not like the advice is coming from a sell out Bozo.


For updates on The Greet and Meet NYC Council District 7 Tour go to Facebook [Julius Tajiddin]. For Bookings or other information about District 7's leading candidate email peopleforjuliustajiddin@yahoo.com

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